Restored Earth was granted charitable status in 2010.

Our mission is to decontaminate and restore land in the UK, before returning it to nature and handing it over for public use. We seek to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the environment through the planting, care, nurture and cultivation of trees in the United Kingdom, promoting long-term sustainability and biodiversity of British woodlands.

We support community and environmental projects throughout England and Wales that are taking action to decontaminate land previously used by the waste industry, and return it to nature, for the benefit of the public.

Educating and increasing the understanding of the environment and its importance is at the heart of our trustees who are an integral part of the charity. We seek opportunities to help promote the protection and preservation of the environment through re-use, reduction, recycling and recovery of waste, and to work with key stakeholders on educational programmes that will ensure efficient waste management systems are promoted.

Restored Earth is largely funded by Clarity Environmental, a UK business that provides environmental compliance, waste management and recycling services. With a long heritage in the waste industry, Clarity’s donations to Restored Earth enable the business, its clients and partners, to give something back to the environment.